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Αντιβανδαλική μηχανή σνακ με αντοχή στις πιο αντίξοες συνθήκες. Εξωτερικού χώρου

Skudo Max GCD is the armoured vending machine from FAS equipped with a reinforced, vandal-proof frame designed for public places such as train stations or subways and recognised by many market players as the leading armoured vending machine

  • Anti-vandal vending machine designed for public places
  • 4 mm polycarbonate glass protection
  • Armoured door with 4 locking points
  • Anti-vandal coin slot with recognition of small foreign objects
  • Automated change dispenser with auto-release function
  • Lit numeric keypad protected by 5 mm lexan
  • 3 configurable drawers at 3° for safe refrigeration
  • Adjustable steel handle for easy opening
  • 480×272 pixel graphic display with personalised options for slideshows or additional information (e.g. ingredients and nutritional values)
  • Internal lighting with side and upper Power-LEDs
  • Rielda RS1 locking device
  • Standard or optional display drawers depending on the model
  • Reflective photocell recognition with additional diodes
  • 32 bit electronics with USB 2.0 HOST
  • Programming, cloning and audit functions with standard USB Pen Drive