/ Zerovending telemetry
The smart vending solution.

Our smart vending system is a total vending telemetry, sales and marketing solution which makes your vending business smart, interactive and manageable online.

It comes as a turn key for vending including a small Telemetry box installed inside of the machine, web application for monitoring, reporting, route optimization and marketing, and mobile applications – for refill operators and for end customers.

/ Our Machines
At Zerovending Ltd we work with the best vending machines you can find. ZEROVENDING offers high quality, reliable, elegant and durable vending machines. Think of sales and FAS thinks for the rest.
Drink Machines
The absolute must have for the hot summers in Cyprus.
Snack Machines
Your 24/7 kiosk with sweets and treats.
Coffee Machines
Excellent quality of Italian and instant coffee.

We bring to life VMC's.

Smart highly efficient and productive vending telemetry systems.