FAS 300T Coffee machine

Number of selections 6 container

380-cup hot beverage vending machine. An appealing design with interactive user interface, 13.3″ touch screen and built-in Wifi. The icon programming makes ll operations simple and intuitive, while the fully customisable tablet interface allows the client to upload images and videos, as well as to provide a vast array of beverages ( 6 containers )


Fully automatic table top beverage machine, with 380 cup capacity
• New design in keeping with FAS tradition
• Interactive user interface with 13.3″ tablet
• LED-illuminated upper silk-screen design
• Integrated WIFI connections
• Configured for dongle key internet connection
• Up to 6 high capacity ingredient canisters
• Spout movement to optimise product distribution
• Solenoid mixing unit to optimize the temperatures in each individual
instant product
• Cup drop unit with simple cup diameter adjustment
• Adjustable stirrer release system
• Rielda programmable code lock fitted to machine and base cabinet
• Multi-Protocol MDB, Executive, BDV
• Energy saving function